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The Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance and The Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia hopes to feature substantially strong and stable businesses in the market, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society. Their leadership will serve as role models and subsequently lead to the development of an "Asia Pacific Excellent Entrepreneurs Community". This could improve the industry's overall image, and furthermore encourage other enterprises to actively participate in this area, to accept changes and innovate, and to establish competitive advantages in order to embrace the challenges posed by the electronic era.

Having this Award Presentation will help to enhance and develop opportunities for communication and interaction between local and foreign enterprises. It also creates opportunities for industries to learn and emulate from each other, forming more joint co-operations so as to contribute more significantly towards the economic development of the Asia Pacific Region.

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  •   Candidates must be nominated by Trade Associations, Media, Financial Institutions, past award winners or key Government Agencies.
  •   The organizer will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the company documents. On-site evaluation may be conducted to determine the eligible finalists.
  •   All finalists will be verified and authenticated by an International professional credit information company.
  •   The organizer will submit the list of the finalists to the co-organizers and our.
  •   Entrepreneur Councils for their professional advise and endorsement.Winners will be officially notified by post.

Type of Awards

  •   Excellence Brand
  •   Excellence Product
  •   Excellence Leadership
  •   Excellence Service Quality
  •   Excellence Emerging Entrepreneur

Awards Definition

Excellence Service Quality

The Excellence Service Quality Award will be awarded to a company that has delivered outstanding customer service, committed to achieving service excellence, deploys and manages the organization’s resources to most effectively meet the needs of the customer base. It seeks to develop service models for others to emulate, create service champions and professionalized services.


Evaluation Criteria

THE ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR EXCELLENCE AWARD nominees are judged based on the following 5 Core Criteria:

A. Business and Company

  •   History
  •   Marketing positioning
  •   Strength
  •   Core business
  •   Milestones and achievements
  •   Patents


B. Management Philosophies

  •   Culture vision and mission
  •   New initiatives
  •   Strategies for growth and evolution


C. Operations and Technologies

  •   Awards and Accreditations e.g. ISO
  •   Research and development
  •   Adoption of information Technology
  •   Systematic Documentation
  •   Innovation
  •   Process efficiency


D. Financial Performance

  •   Operating profit before and after tax
  •   Profit and sales growth


E. Corporate Social Responsibility

  •   Measurement and monitoring
  •   Policy


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