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Greenmaster was founded in 1981 by Leao Wang. As a professional fitness products manufacture, Greenmaster is devoted to helping people achieve their fitness goals. We do this by manufacturing products that combine innovative technology, ease-of-use, and the highest quality in the marketplace. Greenmaster believes personal fitness is not a destination, it's a journey. We are committed to taking that journey with every one of our customers.



1. X-FIT-7 in mass production
2. Z-Fit-1 elliptical in mass production
3. Total over 960,000 pieces motorized treadmills were produced
4. 60,000 pieces magnetic resistance fitness bikes
5. 12,000 pieces magnetic resistance elliptical trainers
6. 20,000 pieces magnetic rowers

R&D by Greenmaster Taiwan and Reflex Design

1. New AC motor and inverter system – Momentum Treadmill
2. New EMS generator system – Momentum upright and recumbent bike
3. Continue testing and developing the Swing Arm suspension system


DK City

DK City Corporation, founded in 1987 has been venturing on the manufacturing of the products that intend to satisfy the common pursuits of mankind in leading a life style of health, happiness and longer life-expectancy.


DK City with its name originated from Dream Knitting City realizes that, wherever the city dwellers are, the dream of freely enjoying a life of health-and-fit, happiness and rejuvenation remains identical, which is the mission that DK City is committed to fulfill by innovating, designing and manufacturing not only technological but also environment-friendly products.

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bh fitness


In 1909, BeisteguiHermanos S.A. company, more commonly known as BH, was founded by brothers BeisteguiHermanos. BH Group has existed for 100 years. The headquarters is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz.Spain. Initially it dedicated to the weapons industry. With the end of the First World War in the 20s and having gained significant experience and progressive technology during the war, BH successfully changed from traditional industry into the professional manufacturer of bicycles. In the 60s, the self-made rate of BH bikes has reached 100%, that is, all body of the fitness bike including parts was produced and assembled in BH main factory. Since 70s, fitness trend has begun to prevail, and in 1975, BH pioneers the first upright fitness bike which was also the first fitness bike in Europe.


In order to respond to the growing demand for fitness equipment, in 1986, the company Exercycle, S.L.was formed to take charge of fitness equipment market. Exercycle keeps innovating and has successfully developed full range of products including treadmills, spinning bikes, fitness bikes, elliptical trainers, etc. In addition to headquarters in Spain, BH has set up 10 subsidiaries in the UK, France, Germany, the U.S., Canada, China, the Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico, and Taiwan. BH products have been sold well in 65 countries throughout all 5 continents.


BH SHIATSU was founded in 1998. BH SHIATSU massage chair designed elaborately by the professional team shows not only European-style elegant look but also unique features. It is indeed a perfect combination of European refined techniques and traditional massage skills.


In 2006, BH set up a marketing company in Taiwan to bring more professional and refined fitness equipment to Asian area. In addition, BH fitness equipment not only helps to keep in a good physical condition, but also gets closer to human needs. Moreover, BH brings people a feeling of comfort and happiness instead of deep-rooted cold impression on fitness equipment.


BH Group is the only supplier in Europe which provides full series of commercial and home fitness equipment and also gained ISO 9001 quality certification. BH products of our five brands, BH HIPOWER, BH FITNESS, VIVAFIT, BH PROACTION and SHIATSU, also passed CE certification from European Union and EN957 fitness equipment safety standard. Moreover, BH owns a dynamic group of senior professionals to guarantee our quality and a outstanding R&D team to keep pioneering new innovations. We are pleased to announce that we always pursue the best.


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